Thermostat Repair And Installation

Thermostat Repair And Installation

Helping You Keep Your Home Comfortable

Your heater and air conditioner work to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, no matter the weather outside. However, these systems would only work with a properly functioning thermostat that triggers them to turn on. At Allgood Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we can ensure that your thermostat at your Tucker, GA home is adequately calibrated to keep your space at the optimum temperature year-round. If you’ve noticed that your home is not as comfortable as it used to be or that the thermostat doesn’t seem to trigger the system when it should, our team can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Signs You Need to Repair Your Thermostat

Knowing the common warning signs that something may be amiss with your thermostat is essential – this will allow you to identify the problem quickly and prevent your system from running incorrectly or inefficiently. Once you notice an issue, it’s crucial to get in touch with a team of professionals who can discover what is causing the issue and provide a solution to fix it. Be sure to call Allgood Plumbing, Heating & Cooling if you’ve noticed any of the following problems with your thermostat:

  • Temperature is incorrect: Does your home feel much colder or warmer than the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat? Your thermostat may be misreading the temperature in your home and causing your system to run unnecessarily. The location of your thermostat may also cause this problem. Either way, we’ll determine the problem and fix it.
  • The screen is blank: A blank thermostat likely means it isn’t getting any power. A tripped breaker or a blown fuse could cause this. Our team will help you get your thermostat back up and running.
  • System won’t turn on or off or cycles frequently: Does your heating and cooling system not turn on when it should? Does it continue to run even though your home has reached the desired temperature? Does it seem to cycle on and off much more frequently than it used to? These could all be signs your thermostat needs attention.

Why Hire a Professional for Thermostat Repair?

Many homeowners want to take it upon themselves to repair things around their homes. However, in some cases, this isn’t a good idea. Your thermostat is one such instance. Though this appliance is tiny, it’s in charge of your entire HVAC system, so you want to be sure it’s installed and repaired by an expert. A professional team, like the one at Allgood Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, will be able to provide service you can count on. Choosing an expert for this job is the right move for all the following reasons:

  • Experience: A trained HVAC contractor will have the appropriate expertise to do the job quickly.
  • Safety: Installing or repairing a thermostat yourself could result in problems with your system that put your safety at risk. It’s best to let an expert handle the job.
  • Efficiency: You want your HVAC system to run as efficiently as possible. Our team will ensure your thermostat is installed and working correctly to get you the most efficient operation.

Save Money with Programmable Thermostats

As technology advances, so does how we can use it to improve our lives. You can make your home more energy-efficient by installing a programmable thermostat that allows you to automatically reduce your heating or cooling usage at times when you don’t need it, meaning less energy waste and a lower utility bill. Our team can install and repair many modern thermostats, including Wi-Fi thermostats, smart thermostats, and thermostats that work with Amazon Alexa. Let us help you improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Why Choose Us for Thermostat Service?

Allgood Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is the right team to choose for all your HVAC needs, including service to your thermostat. We are locally owned and operated and have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Our team comprises licensed and trained professionals striving to provide our customers with the best possible service. Customers return to us due to our experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence. If you’re ready to receive the highest-quality service, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Reasons to Take Care of Your Thermostat in Atlanta

Atlanta’s climate pressures every part of your HVAC system, including your thermostat. Average monthly temperatures range from 45-81 degrees Fahrenheit; in the summer, temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The extreme weather conditions in Atlanta can pose problems for your thermostat. Considering the high humidity and annual precipitation of 50 inches, you must ensure that the wiring connecting your thermostat to your HVAC system works as it should. Thunderstorms during the summer and ice storms in the winter can interrupt your system and cause it to malfunction.

If you want the most from your thermostat each year, hire our technicians for thermostat services. We can handle any task related to your thermostat, from programmable thermostat installation to diagnosis and repairs. We are happy to set up a system that works with the rest of your smart home technology. For expert thermostat repair in Atlanta, contact us today!


Why do I need a thermostat?

Your thermostat tells your heating and cooling systems when to operate. The thermostat acts as a device handling your requests and ensuring that the system maintains a constant, comfortable temperature. Thermostats have sensors that identify when to turn the system on and off. As such, a thermostat helps you control your home comfort without requiring constant attention.

Can I install my own thermostat?

DIY thermostat installation is an option, but you may want to avoid it for several reasons. As a rule, you’ll get a better return on your investment by hiring our technicians for home thermostat replacement. You may not know which thermostats are appropriate for your system and might need assistance determining how to connect the thermostat to your equipment.

What are the benefits of professional thermostat installation?

Hiring Allgood for thermostat installation service provides the best result for the lifespan of your thermostat. When we install a thermostat, we confirm that it works correctly. Our technicians can also advise you on the best ways to use your thermostat for optimal performance and energy efficiency.

When should I consider upgrading to a new thermostat?

If you currently own an old or outdated thermostat, you could benefit from installing a new one. The latest thermostats offer a variety of convenient features, such as the ability to track your temperature or change settings from your smartphone. When upgrading your HVAC system, ask our technicians about your thermostat options.

Is DIY thermostat repair a good option?

Repairing your thermostat on your own often creates more concerns than it solves. Since your thermostat ties directly to the function of your system, you may not know which component causes the problem. If you make the wrong choice during a repair, you might damage the thermostat, trigger issues with other parts of your HVAC system, or put yourself at risk for injury.

When should I call for thermostat repair?

Your thermostat should maintain a constant temperature and respond promptly to changes in settings. The thermostat may need battery replacement, but error messages or a complete lack of function often have other causes. You should call for a repair service if your thermostat does not achieve these goals.

Why should I call Allgood for thermostat repair?

Professional thermostat repair helps to identify the problem and confirm that the solution addresses all possible causes. Calling Allgood for repair can ensure a lasting resolution that gets your thermostat working again.

How much does thermostat repair and installation cost?

Estimating the cost of thermostat installation or repair depends on a few factors, including the thermostat, your problems, and the best solution. We provide a written estimate before we begin a repair or replacement service.

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