Easy ways to get started on Smart Home technology!

June 07, 2024

Everyone is buzzing about the improvements in technology that would allow us to have a modernized “Smart Home.” There are plenty of smart home gadgets that can be controlled by the touch of a button and an Internet connection that promises a wealth of convenience and bragging rights. For those that are not able to allocate a huge budget to this project, here are some easy, wallet-friendly gadgets to get your Smart Home transformation started.

Energy Management

Wi-Fi thermostats such as the Nest learning thermostat that “learns” your schedule, programs itself so you won’t spend money heating or cooling an empty home. The Auto-Away setting adjusts the temperature after you leave, and you can also control the temperature remotely from any smartphone, tablet or computer when you are not at home. This device is loved by commuters and it is perfect for busy business travelers.

Safety and Security

Smart home technology allows for a remotely operated security system which can include monitoring, smart locks, fire, and carbon monoxide protection. Smart technology allows for an alert to be sent directly to your smartphone should a smoke detector OR carbon monoxide detector go off. Outdoor security cameras can be installed to be aimed at the front door or at each entrance and can be remotely operated from any touchscreen smart device to serve as burglary detection. Interior cameras can be installed to act as a nanny cam or baby monitor. Both camera options are perfect for those who travel often and a great safety net for school-aged children that come home from school before parents get home from work.

Smart locks can also be operated from a smartphone or tablet device instead of a key, which can enable the door to be unlocked remotely when a service repairman or a guest arrives at the home if the resident is not available to unlock the door.


There are several different smart home automated lighting solutions that can save energy and money. Whether you want to turn off your lights from a remote location, dim them or set a lighting scene for a special occasion, there are several lighting options available. Remotely control your home’s lighting by replacing your wall switches or outlets. Install motion detector lighting in rooms that are infrequently used, closets and storage areas.

Take a look at your budget and make an assessment on the smart home functions that work for your family, will help out with your-day-to-day lifestyle, and smart enough to be essential, and efficient. It may cost a bit more upfront, but smart home technology may end up saving you money on energy costs. Your Allgood Electrician is always available to help you choose quality products, provide an in-home estimate and connect all the wiring necessary to install your smart home devices.

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Last Updated: July 08, 2024