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Allgood Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is the preferred Norcross cooling,heating and plumbing services provider. With the variation in Georgia weather always a factor in family comfort, you can trust Allgood to keep your home systems running at their best.

We’re proud of the reputation our Norcross HVAC service company has cultivated for customer service and attention to detail. Our licensed technicians undergo extensive training to help them exceed customer expectations. We’re known for bringing the best air conditioning Norcross has to offer.

Allgood specializes in:

  • Thanks to our Norcross heating and cooling specialists, we supply indoor air quality enhancement to help your family breathe freely and stay healthier.
  • Professional cooling and heating services keep you comfortable in every season. We provide HVAC repair Norcross, GA, homeowners can rely on.

Our experienced plumbers provide a full range of services in Norcross, GA, from pipe repair to water heater maintenance.

Do You Need to Update Your Home’s HVAC?

It’s not always easy for homeowners to determine when it’s time for a new HVAC. The main indicators it’s time for an upgrade include:

  • Strange sounds: When the HVAC system produces weird sounds (or smells), it’s time to call Allgood for an inspection to see what’s wrong. We deliver the level of furnace repair Norcross, GA, homeowners prefer.
  • Higher utility bills: If your power bills climb even though you haven’t changed heating and cooling patterns, the equipment may be operating inefficiently. The thermostat might be malfunctioning, which we’ll check for you. Verify your home is properly insulated and the ducts are leak-free.
  • Too many repairs: When you make frequent service calls to fix your HVAC, it can indicate that it’s time to consider installing a new unit. The manufacturer’s warranty and operational efficiency of the new system can help defray the installation cost.
  • System age: HVAC units older than a decade tend to run less efficiently than today’s models. You may shave 20% off your heating bill with a new system.

Allgood’s Pledge to Our Customers

At Allgood, we’re devoted to keeping homeowners safe and comfortable in their dwellings through every season, with a meticulous approach to HVAC inspections, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. As professionals, we urge you to check that any contractor you hire has the correct insurance and licensing. With Allgood, you know you’re in good hands. We’ll show you our credentials for your peace of mind. Contact us to learn how Allgood can improve your home’s plumbing and HVAC systems!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the HVAC operate longer when it’s humid during summer in Norcross?

Higher humidity causes air to feel warmer than on drier days because it’s harder for our bodies to cool down through perspiring when the air is saturated with moisture.

With approximately 70% humidity in Norcross and dew points in the upper 60s, your AC works harder to eliminate moisture and keep you cool.

What is the impact of the summer climate in Norcross on HVAC systems?

Norcross experiences temperatures averaging 89-90 degrees Fahrenheit from July to August, making HVAC equipment work harder to keep you cool. The system runs more often as the thermometer skyrockets. Moreover, high humidity of 70-71% fills the air with moisture, which means AC systems run longer to reduce mugginess. As for the high dew point, which measures air saturation, Norcross residents face a level of 68-69%, causing air conditioners to run more often, driving up utility bills.

Suppose I need a permit before installing my Norcross abode’s new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. How do I get the paperwork?

Contact the City of Norcross Community Development Department at 65 Lawrenceville Street. It will explain how to get the correct permissions before installing or upgrading.

How do numerous summer rainstorms affect my exterior HVAC unit in Norcross?

On average, the precipitation reaches 2.37” in July and 1.94” in August in Norcross. Manufacturers build HVAC systems to handle rainfall, but high amounts of water can cause pools to form at the unit, potentially lowering efficiency or breaking it. Allgood suggests you elevate the exterior unit away from standing water or install drain tubes to avoid component rust or damage.

Is it a good idea to install a system with a higher SEER rating for homes in Norcross?

Homeowners should know that the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER measures how efficiently an HVAC system operates. Higher SEER numbers equal higher efficiency. If you install a high-SEER rating HVAC system in Norcross, you can anticipate significant savings on your power bills. Saving money on utility bills helps cover the cost of installing a new unit.

Because of the impact of summer heat on my HVAC, when do I need to request service?

Schedule service at least once annually. Extreme temperature fluctuations put undue stress on HVAC systems — but with ongoing maintenance, we can help you keep the equipment functioning correctly well into the future, with better efficiency for lower power bills. Maintenance helps us identify problems when they’re smaller and less expensive to address.

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