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You should always feel comfortable in your own home or place of business. But, unfortunately, it can be much more difficult if your HVAC system isn’t doing its part. For example, suppose you’re sweating even after cranking up your air conditioner or shivering because your furnace isn’t running. In that case, you need dependable HVAC repair in Atlanta to bring back that comfy feeling. Allgood Plumbing, Electric, Heating, and Cooling is your complete source for HVAC repair services that can restore your systems to proper working order. You can depend on our HVAC technicians to deliver expert service that can address any issues you may have with your heating or air conditioning. From minor fixes to emergency repairs, we’re here for you. So give us a call today to schedule your first appointment.

How to Tell Your HVAC Might Need Repairs

If you’re having trouble feeling comfortable in your house or workplace, there’s a chance a malfunctioning climate control system is at fault. There are several signs that you might need residential or commercial HVAC repair, including:

  • Too Warm/Cold Inside — Your equipment shouldn’t have much trouble reaching the temperature you set on your thermostat. However, if you’re still not comfortable even after cranking it to the extreme, it’s time to have your system looked at by our professionals.
  • Strange Noises — Most of the time, you shouldn’t notice the sounds coming from your A/C or furnace. However, any new sounds they make — especially grinding, squealing, or scraping — should be cause for concern.
  • Unpleasant Odors — Smoke, mildew, or other sharp odors from your vents are a warning sign that your system is on the blink. You need to contact our experienced HVAC repair company to diagnose and solve the problem before something worse happens.
  • Higher Utility Bills — Sometimes, you may not realize anything is wrong with your equipment until your electric or gas bill arrives. Sudden, unexplained spikes in the amount of electricity or natural gas your property consume probably mean your HVAC isn’t working as well as it should.
  • Insufficient Air Flow — When your system doesn’t work well enough to circulate air through your space, you won’t be getting the full benefit of what it can do. You’ll need the experts at Allgood to get everything working as it should once again.
  • Age — The lifespan of the typical HVAC system is roughly ten years. If it’s been longer than that since yours was installed, there’s a good chance it will break down sooner rather than later. So having repair services you can count on is essential when you have an older unit.

Why Your HVAC Matters in Atlanta

The climate in and around Atlanta is what’s referred to as a humid subtropical environment. This means you experience long, hot summers and milder winters. During the summer, the temperature can average more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with significant humidity often making the heat feel worse than it is. Temperatures frequently exceed 90 F in the summer months, as well. When the calendar changes to winter, temperatures fall to highs in the mid-50s, but the lows can drop into the upper 30s at certain times.

It would help if you had our commercial or residential HVAC repair professionals on call to fix your heating and cooling in the event of a breakdown. Even if the weather feels tolerable outside, it can quickly become uncomfortable indoors without the proper support from your climate control. No matter what the elements may bring, we have the expertise and experience necessary to keep your systems working their best so you can always stay comfortable. To learn more or to schedule service, reach out and get in touch with Allgood experts today.

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