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At Allgood, we appreciate your hard work to make a beautiful, comfortable home. Your systems for plumbing and HVAC in Marietta fill a vital role in your ability to stay cool or warm despite the weather. In our years of serving residents, we have built a reputation for expertise and ideal care for your home systems. We serve the entire region, including nearby East Cobb, Sope Creek, West Hampton, Whitlock Heights, and more.

Expert Heating Services

When winter temperatures drop, you need the right heating system to reduce the chill and protect your plumbing. Our technicians can efficiently identify problems with your furnace or heat pump and help you form a plan to address them. We’re happy to handle installations, repairs, or maintenance.

Superior Cooling Services

During the summer, you count on Allgood to help you minimize the effects of heat and humidity. Our technicians specialize in care for your air conditioning system or heat pump, whether you need to tune up your air conditioner or you’re looking to upgrade to the latest technology.

Professional Repairs

No one enjoys walking into a home that feels hot and stuffy. We at Allgood provide expert heating and cooling repair in Marietta, GA, to minimize discomfort and inconvenience. We focus on services that get your air conditioning system or heat pump back into working order, including refrigerant leaks, dirty coils, compressor concerns, and more. We can help you resolve common cooling problems, such as inconsistent cooling, insufficient output, and low efficiency.

You need your heating system to work as it should, too, and our technicians stand ready to help with furnace repair in Marietta, GA. Whether you use a furnace or heat pump to stay warm, we can inspect your system, identify the most likely causes of the problem, and walk you through options to fix it. We take the time to explain the situation and help you make the best decision for your investment.

Customer Attention

At Allgood, we build a great partnership with our customers. When you call for plumbing in Marietta, GA, we emphasize unique solutions for you and your home. We spend time to understand your needs and your goals and help you find the best path to achieve them.

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Although Marietta’s climate can create a lot of unpredictability for you, your home comfort should stay steady throughout the year. The technicians and plumbers at Allgood can handle all of your plumbing and HVAC needs, from a new installation to HVAC repair in Marietta. We care about your customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about your options to upgrade to a newer, more efficient system or to schedule Marietta AC repair!

Coping With Marietta’s High Humidity

Here in Marietta, the summer dew point reaches an impressive 68 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning the humidity remains high daily. Since your air conditioning system primarily extracts moisture from the indoor air, excessive humidity can force it to work much harder.

When temperatures run high and the humidity rises, your system uses more energy. It can lose efficiency in trying to maintain the right temperature. Moisture control is vital for your home’s comfort and safety. High humidity in the home can lead to mold, mildew, condensation on your plumbing, and equipment corrosion. To avoid these problems, scheduling regular maintenance and prompt repairs can help.


How can I get better humidity control without increasing energy consumption?

Suppose you notice that your home feels too humid in the summer. In that case, you may consider multiple options to improve your moisture control and maintain reasonable energy usage. You should confirm that your ventilation system works appropriately, including sealing air leaks and using exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms. Talk to our technicians about installing an additional dehumidifier for regions with the highest humidity to provide better moisture control without taxing your air conditioning system.

Can HVAC upgrades help me control humidity as well as energy costs?

To get the most out of your heating and cooling system, consider upgrading to equipment with multiple modes of operation. For example, a two-stage compressor can adjust the level of cooling it provides depending on the day. Adding a variable-speed air handler helps to minimize energy usage on milder days without compromising humidity control. Installing and using a programmable thermostat can make it easier for you to maximize all these benefits.

Which DIY maintenance tasks can I perform to reduce humidity-related damage?

To ensure that your HVAC system can handle the humidity at the highest point in the summer, you should work to eliminate common obstacles. Replacing air filters at least every three months, sealing air leaks, and confirming that your system has adequate airflow can minimize the effort that your system has to maintain to achieve great temperature and moisture control. Schedule repairs as soon as you notice a problem to reduce other issues with moisture accumulation.

Does ductwork insulation help to prevent moisture damage?

Insulating your ductwork and repairing leaks helps to maintain higher efficiency and long-term moisture control. Ductwork with proper insulation can carry the conditioned air to each room with minimal loss while keeping the interior dry. Barriers between the indoor air and the conditioned air minimize condensation, reducing the likelihood of mildew or mold growth in your ductwork. These benefits allow you to enjoy the conditioned air longer and more effectively, reducing energy consumption.

Which is the right size HVAC system for my home?

Finding the proper size for your HVAC system requires expertise. Sizing depends on your home’s layout, square footage, heating and cooling preferences, and more. Oversized units provide less humidity control because they turn off before extracting enough moisture. By comparison, undersized systems can wear down or lose efficiency due to the workload. Our technicians can inspect your home and outline the most appropriate options.

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