Sewer Inspection of Drains, Do I Really Need That?

June 05, 2024

Let me set the stage for you. You have a 20+ year old home. As the homeowner, you have had the toilets replaced, water pressureSewer-Inspection2checked, kitchen drains replaced, and numerous other cosmetic plumbing services done to the house. One night you are on the lower level of the house and you hear running water, but you are not sure where so you get up to investigate. After looking around, you come to the bathroom and you see water pouring out of the toilet. What in the world is going on!

Turns out once the water was turned off, and the plumber came out to check out the drains with a camera, there was a blockage in the pipe along with a tree root that had grown through the pipe. So not only had a tree been growing through the pipe for many years, the paper that was being flushed was silently filling up the areas that the root had not gotten to yet until the drain could not dispose of the water properly. We can say the owners of the household were unaware that this could happen and had never heard of a sewer video inspection before their toilet backed up.

Sewer line inspection should be a requirement for older homes, or if you are purchasing a new home. Yet, it is left off the inspection list. Video inspections can provide views of the pipes so that you can see if there are cracks, separation, tree roots, pipe collapse, and even defects in the sewer line that might be caused by the city sewer lines. If you are buying a new home, this information could be quite pivotal in determining the purchasing price, or if you want to buy the house at all.

Here at AllGood Plumbing, we strongly suggest having your sewer inspected with a camera, especially since Georgia homeowners love the trees that grow around their homes. These trees can be competing with your sewer drains, and the tree will win out. The same goes for paper blockage in a drain that may be damaged or not draining properly, with enough time the drain will also stop working and your house will reap the damage it produces.

Let AllGood’s highly trained plumbing professionals come out and do a sewer inspection of your house’s drains. Let us find the problem before you do. We have a coupon on our website for a sewer inspection. With the coupon, the inspection is currently $139. A great deal to find a problem before it becomes an expensive problem.

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Last Updated: July 08, 2024