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Admitting your limitations may be hard for some but there are some things that leave little room for error. Installing a new toilet is one of them! It’s the age of the DIY approach, and everything we ever wanted to know is within our reach. Even so, watching a video about performing surgery doesn’t qualify us to become surgeons. In the same token, a how-to about plumbing doesn’t deem you an Atlanta plumbing professional. Here’s why you should leave the task for a trained, licensed plumber:

The last thing you would want to do is install a brand new toilet with underlying mold or pipe issues. A licensed plumber will be able to spot potential hazards that aren’t readily visible to the naked eye. A professional inspection could also reveal Polybutylene pipes, which were implemented in homes built between 1978 and 1995. These pipes made from plastic resin, are no longer in compliant with U.S. building codes. Polybutylene pipes deteriorate from the inside out and will definitely leak over time. It is highly suggested that you replace these pipes.

Often times there may be a piece of faulty hardware that is causing your toilet to misbehave. This may prove to be a successful DIY assignment as these issues are somewhat an easy fix. However, for new installations or remodeling expansions, a licensed contractor will have the necessary permits to see your project through to completion. If the reason for your upgrade is due to multiple complications such as excess overflowing, water damage to the floor beneath the toilet, or leaking pipes, then you should definitely consult with a professional.

As with most home remodeling, unforeseen issues may arise causing you to exceed your budget and completely derail your schedule. A plumber will keep you on track and minimize costs. It’s important to also know that the installation of a new toilet actually involves tampering with your main water supply.  Any harm done could taint all areas of water consumption. Although installing a new toilet all by your lonesome may be cause for bragging, any mishap will be cause for scrutiny and debt.  For an “AllGood” experience, you know whom to call.