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Here at AllGood Plumbing and Electric, we cannot brag enough about our Electrical Division. Although the department is fairly new,  we are proud to say that the Allgood Electricians have quickly become recognized as some of the best Atlanta Electricians in the city. We carry the same standard in our Electrical division that we do in our Plumbing division: reliable, knowledgeable, and convenient.

Our electrical services are vast. From installing your ceiling fan to replacing your aluminum wiring with copper wiring, AllGood electrical has expertise in everything electrical. They can even help you gear up for summer with pool and spa installation! Have you always wanted a light in your pool? AllGood electrical can help you with that. We will also assist you with your outdoor and patio lighting. Thinking of getting that outdoor entertainment center? AllGood electrical division will help with the wiring! A major job of an electrician is to keep you, your family, and your assets safe. AllGood Electric takes your safety very seriously and that’s why we offer services like Surge Protection, Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters, and Ground Fault installation, which all help to prevent electrical fires. So you and your family can sleep easy! Make sure to check out our electrical division page on the website for a full list and description of all the services that we offer so that you can see how AllGood electric can best service your electrical needs.

Currently this month, we are running two different deals in electrical! Make sure to check them out under the Deals and Discount section. Also just as AllGood has become your go-to plumber remember that you can also Call AllGood for your go-to electrician in Atlanta.