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There are certain modern amenities such as refrigerators and dishwashers we just expect these items to work.  The garbage disposal is probably the least thought about luxury we have.  You usually don’t notice an issue until a foul odor fills your home!  Here are 3 common issues that may plague your garbage disposal, preventing it from fulfilling its duties.

1.)  What’s That Noise?

Who knew garbage disposals had their own language?  Some common noises you may hear range from squealing, humming, to even a loud rattle.  Whenever a noise arises, it’s important to shut off your disposal immediately.  The rattling may come from a foreign object like a spoon being trapped and tossed around by the blades.  Use caution when removing the objects by using safety gloves or using a pair of tongs.  Sometimes objects can get lodged deep down, causing your flywheel to malfunction.  This issue is often accompanied by the humming sound.  Squealing may suggest motor failure.  Always contact a professional Atlanta electrician if you’re not confident in your ability to rectify the issue.

2.)  There’s A Puddle Underneath My Sink!

Water underneath your sink is no fun and may lead to cabinetry damage.  Stop the leak in its tracks by locating the source.  Begin by checking the drain line for your garbage disposal.  Examine the seals and bolts, ensuring that all components are as tight as they should be.  Should you find a broken pressure seal, don’t panic.  These components are readily available at your local store.  If you discover a leak where your sink and drain pipe connects, then there is probably an issue with the sink flange.  This is definitely a cause to phone a professional.  Unfortunately, a faulty flange is often a costly fix and it may make more sense to replace the food disposal altogether.

3.)  No Response At All?

If your garbage disposal has become unresponsive, the issue could be as simple as having to reset it.  To locate the reset switch, search near the base of the disposal.  If this attempt does not restore life to your waste machine then check your circuit breakers.  If resetting the system and flipping the breakers does not do the trick, then the motor may have given up.

In worse case scenarios, there is no need to succumb to the fishy odor that may fill up your home from a defunct garbage disposal.  We have many options available for your food waste needs.  We can assist with noise reduction, repair, replacement, and even new installations of disposals.  Never hesitate to contact us with your concerns.