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Choosing the perfect air conditioner for your home or business is an important and sometimes overwhelming decision. Not only do you want to be comfortable, but you also want your wallet to stay comfortable too! There are many factors which come into play when choosing an air conditioning system, such as initial cost, upkeep and repair costs, energy efficiency, and performance.

A/C Purchase Made Easy

At Allgood Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Cooling, we’ve made it our mission to simplify this process for you as best we can. Our N.A.T.E. Certified technicians will assist you in choosing the right system for your home or business by taking into account the size of your home, your cooling and budgetary needs, then selecting best air conditioner unit options from which you can choose.

Air Handlers

We all recognize air conditioner units. They sit outside our homes and businesses, working tirelessly in the heat to keep our air inside cool and comfortable. But there’s another component working just as hard to keep your air conditioning system performing just the way you like: your air handler.

An air handler takes the cold air generated from your air conditioner unit and circulates it throughout your home or business. The air handler also works with your heating unit in the colder months to keep your heat moving.

When used with your air conditioner, your air handler pulls air in from the outside air conditioner unit, passes that air through a filter, and then blows the air over an internal cooling coil before pushing the air out through your home or business’s vents, supplying you with cold air.

If you notice any of the following:

  • Little to no air coming from your vents
  • The air coming from your vents seems warm when your air conditioner is running
  • Rattling noises from your vents when your air conditioning system turns on
  • Electrical burning smell coming from your vents
  • Excessive run time
  • Air conditioning system never gets to desired temperature

These might be warning signs that there’s a problem with your air handler, which means it’s time to call Allgood! Our N.A.T.E. Certified technicians will assess your air conditioning system and determine if your air handler is in need of repair or replacement.

Quality Repair Is Just A Phone Call Away!