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When you’re in a decorating mood, consider an alternative to the furniture, department or home store – consider your friendly local electrician!

Lighting can add as much impact to your home as painting it, and there are many more great ideas that add beauty, comfort, and convenience to your home. By installing tract lighting, you can add depth and soft shading to your walls while accenting decorations.

Sconce lighting can also make a room appear taller while splashing comforting light tones along walls and hallways while spotlighting can illuminate everything from framed photos to your favorite reading chair, and simultaneously bask the rest of the room in warm, soothing shades of light.

Outdoor lighting is also a great way to add curb appeal to passersby while it accentuating your home, lawn and outdoor décor to the delight of your guests and family members. Landscape lighting lends beauty to trees and plants at night while featuring your home’s focal points. Light the walkways for safety, security and charming visual effects. Hanging lanterns lends even more allure to your evenings specifically for porches, pools, cabanas, and gazebos. This can set the mood for outdoor gatherings and parties or cozy romantic evenings with a loved one.

Somehow, the kitchen always becomes a social gathering center for guests, plus it’s crucial for resale value. The right lighting in the kitchen can make a big difference, however, it has to combine task lighting functionality for food preparation with soft, general lighting for a pleasant, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Your Allgood Electrician is always available to provide you with ideas and energy efficient lighting solutions for your home that will make your decorating dreams a reality.

Consider a modest electrical upgrade to open up new worlds of possibilities!