Why should I get my furnace tuned-up?

June 05, 2024

It finally seems like the perfect weather, after a long and hot summer. As we switch off the air-conditioner and enjoy the cooler temperatures, a furnace tune-up is the last thing on our mind. But Fall is actually the perfect time to get your furnace tune-up.

Getting your furnace tuned-up annually every Fall ensures that your system will be ready when temperatures drop and those cold spells suddenly appear on the forecast. Fall is the off-peak season for HVAC technicians, and getting a tune-up done in the Fall ensures that your equipment will be ready before the peak season when furnace repairmen will be in high demand and sometimes are booked out for two weeks.

Why should you get your furnace tuned-up? Imagine that had your car parked in the garage and you did not use it all summer long. Would you suddenly one cold winter day just start that car and drive it all the way across the country to another state without getting it checked out first? That’s what we do with our furnaces every winter!

Getting your furnace tune-up done early ensures that you can troubleshoot any issues before they become a major problem, and can highly reduce your chances of having a breakdown in the middle of winter when your system is working its hardest. An annual tune-up or maintenance service ensures that all of the components of your system is working properly. Your technician will conduct a full visual check of your furnace to identify any signs wear and tear, cracks or leaks. Your equipment will be cleaned and lubricated, with adjustments to the pilot light and gas pressure, as needed.

For an average cost of around $70 – $100, your certified Allgood HVAC technician can give a routine maintenance and inspection of your furnace, vents and duct system. Just like any mechanical equipment – with preventive maintenance, you can extend the life of your equipment, reduce the chances of breakdowns, and make sure your system is running efficiently. Your furnace tune-up also includes a free one-inch standard filter change.

Allgood Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Cooling also offers their Service Partner Plan which offers inspections of your plumbing and electrical systems as well as two free HVAC tune-ups per year for your furnace and air-conditioner for a low monthly fee.

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Last Updated: July 08, 2024