What Signs Let You Know You Have A Backed Up Sewer?

June 05, 2024

Keeping up with the maintenance in your home is often a daunting task. Here at AllGood Plumbing, your reliable Atlanta plumbers, we want to help you with all your plumbing needs. One of the most important aspects of home maintenance is knowing when you have a problem and to be aware of the warning signs that can help you prevent a bigger problem from occurring. Let’s discuss some of the signs to look for if you have a backed up sewer.

When it comes to your sewer, use your senses! First off you want to listen to signs! Some of the signs you will hear if you have a backed up sewer is a gurgling noise from your toilet or drain. If you do hear gurgling noises this could be a sign that your drain is clogging.

Another way to know if you are in danger of a backed up sewer is the smell. If you began to smell sewage it’s almost a guarantee that it’s time to get the professionals involved!

The final test for a sewage backup is seeing! If you began to see any sort of water seeping from the base of your toilet or any type of bubbling up from a drain you are in danger! Call a professional immediately.

If you do feel like you are having a sewage backup problem we would love to help you prevent a large mess. Call AllGood Plumbing today so that we can keep your home in its best condition possible.

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Last Updated: July 08, 2024