Thankful For You, Our Clients

June 05, 2024

November is a great month to reflect on the year and think about the different things you are thankful for. Here at AllGood, we are thankful for a great support team, service members, and the continued support of the AllGood extended family. Even with our talented staff, we would not be the company we are today without YOUR support. So we want to take our blog this month and thank you for your continued use of AllGood Plumbing and Electric.

What our clients are saying:“Our company broke a water pipe late yesterday afternoon, and we decided to call AllGood based off of their 5-star ratings on Kudzu. These ratings proved to be accurate as Sabrina (Customer Service Rep), and Jared (Tech), was quick to respond. Our client had water working in their house within just a couple of hours. Thank you to everyone at the AllGood Team (Especially Jared & Sabrina) for your quick response yesterday!” – Brian

“I was very pleased with the service provided by our technician, Andrew F, and AllGood as a company. Our tech was extremely proficient and willing to teach me about the problem, which I appreciated. The company seems to supply their technicians with excellent tools and technology, and encourages them to triple check their work. When you consider the great price for the service, AllGood is an excellent option.” – Trevor

“I was very pleased with the fast and friendly response from Sabrina. She said she would call me back in 10 min. and she did. She scheduled my service quickly and on the same day. Andrew W. called to let us know he was in the area and would arrive in 15 min. We put the dogs on leashes and was ready for him. Andrew looked at the needed repair of an outdoor outlet and floodlight, confirmed the costs to repair. I agreed to the costs and he began the repairs, finished in a short time and asked me to review the repairs, which I did. I was very happy with Andrew’s work, the costs charged (without surprises) and his friendly demeanor. I recommend Andrew W. and AllGood Plumbing and Electrical. I will certainly use them again.” – Charles

“Scott did a fantastic job replacing my kitchen faucet and drain pipes. He went to Lowes and got the necessary faucet. He did an excellent installation job. He gave me an assessment regarding my water heater and it must be replaced. I will have him do so following the Christmas holidays. I am so pleased to have found such a fine man as well.” – Robert“I needed an electrician to switch out my front porch lights & install new ones. Andrew was very helpful explaining what needed to be done & even gave me names of websites to purchase new fixtures. This company was very courteous and professional every step of the way.” – Patti

We want to continue hearing from you. Our clients help us grow and build our company into one that serves all of Georgia with plumbing and electrical needs. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

From the AllGood Family, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Last Updated: July 08, 2024