Light Up Your Kitchen

June 06, 2024

Have you ever cooked, seemingly beautiful pancakes, only to sit down and realize they are a not as golden as you intended them to be? Why play the guessing game with bad lighting in the kitchen? You want to be inspired to cook! Lively up your kitchen with accent lighting for more accurate cooking and a cleaner space. After all, what good are granite countertops without proper lighting to showcase their beauty?

Whether your home is old and charming or new and modern, there are ample ways to increase the wow factor in your home with simple lighting techniques. Bad lighting ruins portraits all the time by revealing dull complexions. The same could be said for your kitchen. The good news is there are simple solutions, however, when electrical wiring is concerned, it’s a good idea to rely on an Atlanta electrician.

Track Lighting offers a modern and highly customizable option that allows you to accent your cabinetry or the overhead space above the area you want to illuminate. Once installed you can swap out the fixtures as you wish to make a change in color scheme easier than ever. There are different types of track lighting and with their curvy structure, flexible track lighting is not only functional but it’s also cool to look at. Square shaped lighting or L-shaped lighting will brighten up your space at 90-degree angles only. You are able to delegate lighting duties amongst bulbs, conserving your energy over time.

Cabinet lights are beautifully mysterious. Again, the options are endless with choices like recessed lights and strip lights (such as LED), just to name a couple. Recessed lights are discrete and set the mood should you add a dim switch. If you’re searching for an alternative that’s energy efficient and evenly distributes light, then consider LED light strips. In order to free up your outlets for kitchen appliances and to prevent circuit overload, hard wiring is suggested. A trained electrician will be able to hide the wires for a professional finish.

This is the time of year when family convenes and ovens receive their workout. It’s also a great time to revamp the kitchen and spoon the hospitality. Phone an AllGood specialist to help make your home more endearing.

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Last Updated: July 08, 2024