How Electrifying, AllGood Adds Electricity to the Mix

June 06, 2024

AllGood Plumbing has added a new division and is now known as AllGood Plumbing and Electric. We employee very experienced individuals who have worked in all corners of the industry, from residential to low voltage security and data to high voltage commercial/industrial. We are confident that our staff is capable of handling whatever your power needs may be no matter how big or small. At AllGood Plumbing and Electric, our goal is to provide you with quality service in a safe manner. In everything we do for your safety is the first concern. We strive to build lasting relationships that help to put our customers at ease.

Here are a few tips that might help save some unneeded trouble through the upcoming months:

With the coming of fall, and approaching winter months, heating and cooling cycles as part of the normal weather patterns can cause torque sensitive screws on lugs in electrical distribution panels to work loose. When these screws work loose the wire held in place under them is allowed to move around and lose contact with the lug creating small arcs of electricity. These arcs, though small, can cause great amounts of damage to the breakers rendering them unusable; luckily there is a simple fix for this problem. Having a properly trained electrician reset the torque on main lugs and breakers can save the cost of a potential replacement along with providing safety and peace of mind for your family throughout the holidays.Along with panel maintenance, the holidays bring lights and increased festivities. It is important to remember that when decorating your home lighting should be connected to a GFCI protected receptacle or circuit and to not overload the capability of the circuit that is being used. To prevent overloading plug strips and blocks that expand the number of receptacles at a certain location should not be used. By making sure to not overload a circuit you are preventing breaker trips and most importantly fires. Unfortunately, though extremely uncommon, these strips are the cause of many household fires due to severe loads coming through them and buildup of dust inside the unit. The proper fix to this problem, if you find yourself without enough power, is to have a qualified person add a branch circuit for the purpose of powering various accessories. Again, the main concern is safety. We love to see those holiday lights as much as anyone and want to ensure that they bring joy not trouble to your home this holiday season!We are looking forward to being your plumber and electrician in 2014! Call us today for more information.PS. Can you name the gentleman in the photograph and what TV show he was on? One of his abilities was to turn on a light bulb while in his mouth. Very electrifying!

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