How do you avoid Thanksgiving Plumbing Emergencies?

June 06, 2024

Everyone knows that disaster always strikes when you have a houseful of guests – whether it is a backed up toilet, clogged drain, broken faucet or silverware dropped into the garbage disposal – the day after Thanksgiving is the day when plumbers are the superheroes for hosts across the country!

The increased activity in the kitchen coupled with a large number of people using the shower, tub and toilet mean that household plumbing will be used to its maximum capacity.

While Allgood Plumbing, Heating & Cooling plumbers will be available for emergency services on Thanksgiving Day, here are a few easy tips to avoid having to call a plumber on Thanksgiving Day.

Stuff the turkey, not the Garbage Disposal

You may not want the smell of food in the garbage bin, but your garbage disposal would love it if you scrape all leftover food, bones, poultry skin, potato peels, celery and waste into the trash can. If you absolutely have to use the garbage disposal, run warm water, turn the garbage disposal on, then add the food. Don’t wait till it’s full to start.

Avoid the drain strain

Don’t pour cooking oil or fat down drains as they will solidify in the pipes. As an alternative, you can wipe the grease with paper towels and place it in the trash. A sink strainer is also a cheap and easy way to prevent food from going down the drain. This will save your kitchen sink from clogging and backing up in the middle of the holiday festivities.

Flush ’em once, flush ’em twice

Thanksgiving is a day for the young and old to fill their bellies with turkey and pie, and the bathroom quickly becomes the most popular room in the house. With all the waste and toilet paper filling the pipes, it’s more than likely that your toilet may begin to protest. A simple way to keep that toilet from backing up is to implement the “two-flush rule.” Flush twice to make sure everything goes down the toilet.

Thanksgiving is not the day of DIY

If you have never repaired a garbage disposal, unclogged a drain or fixed a backed-up toilet yourself, don’t choose Thanksgiving Day to become a DIY expert! With all of the relatives at your house and a major meal being prepared, you do not want to end up with a major plumbing disaster by taking apart your plumbing, and potentially causing more damage than you can actually repair yourself.

The plumbers at Allgood Plumbing, Heating & Cooling hope these tips can help you avoid a major mishap on Turkey Day! If you have an emergency and need our help, please visit our website at or call 404-260-0244.

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Last Updated: July 08, 2024