How can I tell if I have a yard leak?

June 06, 2024

How can I tell if I have a yard leak?

It’s usually pretty straightforward for most people to tell that they have a leak. If there is a large pool of water, a wet spot, slow drops falling or water is gushing and spewing out of a pipe – a leak is pretty obvious. However, the most common and expensive leak that a homeowner may face is a yard leak. Yard leaks may not be that obvious to detect because the service line where underground water pipes are buried is located several feet below the ground in your yard, or in the irrigation system. Since a yard leak may not be that easy to spot, here are a few tips for how to detect a water leak in the yard.

Check Your Water Bills

To start learning how to find a water leak in your yard, check your water bill. If there is a significant increase in your bill that is not due to a seasonal change, such as filling up the swimming pool during the summer or taking longer baths during the winter, it may be due to a water leak. Compare your water bills from the previous months to see if it has suddenly spiked. If there are no obvious leaks, wet spots of dripping water faucets in and around your home, then it may be a hidden yard leak.

Telltale Wet Spots

If there’s an unexplained wet spot in the yard, where water is pooling and the rest of the area is dry, that could also be the sign of a yard leak. As long as you don’t have a pre-existing low or uneven spot on the lawn where water usually collects either when it rains or the sprinklers have been on, you can pretty much conclude that the area has suddenly become soggy underfoot because of an underground water leak deep below the surface.

Lush Patches of Green in the Grass

If there’s an extra lush patch of green grass in your yard, it may be because of a yard leak. If there is an underground water leak in your backyard, the extra water leaking out will supply the surrounding grassy area with additional moisture that will help the grass to grow faster and result in a lush, green appearance. So if that lush green patch of grass suddenly appears, unfortunately, it may not be because of your green thumb – but because of a backyard water leak.

How Much Does Repairing a Yard Leak Cost?

The price to deal with a water line leak in your yard depends on several factors, including the location, extent of the leak, and other damage to your property. When you call Allgood for service, our plumbers work to check your main water line, identify the cause, and locate the leak.

At that time, we can provide a written estimate for the cost of repairing the leak. If your property and structures have significant water damage due to the leak, you may need to arrange for other repair services, as well. You may want to request quotes for repairs from multiple companies, but keep in mind that price shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision. Hiring plumbers you can trust will provide a better return on investment.

How Can I Avoid a Yard Leak?

You can reduce your risk of a water leak outside your home by keeping an eye on your landscaping and irrigation system. Check the water pressure regularly, while your irrigation system runs. If you see a wet spot in your yard that won’t dry, test the system to find the location. Minimize water usage and plan your landscaping upgrades carefully. For more advice, schedule an inspection from our plumbers. We can show you how to determine a leak in the sewer pipe in your yard, to minimize your risk of water damage in the future.

What Happens If I Don’t Fix a Water Leak?

Long-term water leaks can cause a lot of damage, even if they don’t leak a lot of water at any given time. Leaks in your water lines fill your yard with water that may not drain effectively. If you have water coming up from the ground in the yard, you know that the leak runs through enough water to make drainage difficult. Eventually, that water may pool around your foundation, causing cracks, mold and other damage that costs more to fix.

Fortunately, you have many options to stop the problem and prevent the leak from getting worse. Install a leak indicator and pay attention to warnings. When you need assistance, call the plumbers at Allgood. You’ll have no need to search for how you find a water leak in your yard, because we can give you advice for your unique property.

How Can Weather Affect My Risk of Yard Leaks?

Weather can create changing conditions that affect your outdoor plumbing. In cold weather, exposed pipes may freeze or burst, causing a leak. Hotter weather can cause pipes to expand, weakening them and increasing the likelihood of cracks and breakage. During periods of heavy rainfall or excess precipitation, the ground can expand and shift, possibly disrupting your pipes.

Before serious weather arrives, insulate open plumbing and adjust your watering schedule. In the middle of the storm, pay attention to your water pressure, since low pressure may indicate a leak. After a big storm or flooding event, take the time to investigate your property and inspect the function of your water lines.

If you do suspect that you have a yard leak, or you notice a huge spike in your water bill, contact your plumber immediately. Your Allgood plumber has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to take care of any yard leak with minimal disruption to you and your home. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call Allgood Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today at 404-260-0244.

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