Help! I’ve Got Roots Growing In My Drain Pipes!

June 06, 2024

One of the most miraculous things about nature is how living organisms know how to survive. Where there is water, you can count on a plant to suck it up. When a tree is thirsty, then it will quench on nearby sources of nourishment. It’s beautiful that is until tree roots get stuck in your drain pipes!

So how on earth does such a situation happen? It usually stems from a crack in a sewer pipe leaving room for the roots to seep in, feast, and grow. Unfortunately, most homeowners are oblivious to the fact that it is their duty to keep these lateral pipes maintained. If you have roots growing in your drain pipes, the bad news is it could wind up being a costly repair. The good news is our Atlanta plumbers are highly skilled at not only ridding the roots from your system but can also save you valuable dollars.

While searching for a qualified plumber to diagnose your backed up pipes, you want to choose a contractor who is skillful, knowledgeable and has the proper tools to assess your drainage issues. The cost of repairs could drive up quickly if an unskillful plumber attacks your landscape aimlessly searching for the root of the problem (no pun intended). At Allgood, we enlist the assistance of video sewer cameras and other location devices to help us spot the trouble dead on.

Our rooter service equipment enables us to provide accurate quotes and allows our clients to see exactly what needs to be done, adding peace of mind. An inexperienced plumber can cause unnecessary damage to your yard and could take extended periods of time to rid you of this bothersome situation.

We understand that your time and money is valuable which is why we’re dedicated to offering quick turnarounds and will only recommend service that is required. In order to prevent future damage to your home drainage pipes, it’s also important to schedule regular maintenance. You can trust AllGood to keep the roots out of your sewer system.

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Last Updated: July 08, 2024