5 Spring Energy Saving Tips

June 04, 2024

With the bouts of freezing temps we saw in February, it’s such a relief to see the sun! You may now find yourself wanting to reach for the air conditioning controls. Before you begin adjusting your home to suit the warm Spring afternoons, here are 5 energy saving tips to make sure your bank account brings you just as much joy as the weather.


Although the temperatures may rise above 70 degrees, it’s a good idea to utilize fans in place of your air conditioning/cool air system. You can save that backup plan for the smoldering summer when you’ll need it most. The refreshing spring breeze coupled with a ceiling fan works wonderfully at regulating your home’s temperature. Our professional Atlanta electricians can install the perfect ceiling fan solution to a room of your choice so there’s no need to fret if your home is currently without.


Another way to keep your home cool is by eliminating tasks that draw heat. Opt for eating foods that don’t require long oven cooking times and opt for a salad or perhaps something from the grill. While cooking on the stovetop, use your built-in exhaust fan to suck up all of the hot air. You could also take shorter showers with lukewarm water.


It’s so tempting to open up the blinds and let the beautiful natural light flow through your living room, however, doing so will also raise the heat in your house. You’ll have plenty of time to savor the sunshine when you head out to the neighborhood park. For those days when you’re relaxing at home, utilize blackout curtains and keep the blinds closed.


Who says you have to wait until Memorial’s Day to have a swim? If you have a swimming pool at home, be sure to turn off the heater whenever the pool is not in use. If you have a pool timer, you can set the run time of your filter/cleaning pump to cut down on electricity as well.


An easy step you could take towards reducing your spring energy costs is to simply dress lighter. It seems obvious but for most, the first instinct when walking into an overheated home is to adjust the thermostat. Ditch the socks and the layers and enjoy the new season.

If you’d like to discuss more energy saving tips or would like to upgrade your home for proper air circulation, then contact AllGood today!

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Last Updated: July 08, 2024