Why experience counts in plumbing.

June 05, 2024

There is a major gap between companies who place a value on the experience level of their service department in the plumbing industry. Experience is often the difference between a quality repair, or one that may be cheaper initially but inevitably cost more in the long run.

This gap shows up weekly at AllGood Plumbing. There are countless examples of homeowners who have called us in a panic after having hired an inexperienced plumber at a reduced rate. Often times the “cheaper” plumber is nowhere to be found when a problem with their repair surfaces. It is not uncommon in this industry to see a new “competitor” enter the market, begin conducting business at reduced rates, and not know the actual cost of doing business. It is also not long before this company is forced to close its doors due to the inability to price jobs in a manner that allows them to service their warranties.

The above mentioned has a negative ripple effect. First, and most importantly, it impacts the homeowner negatively. It is always more costly to go in and correct a job that has been done improperly. Secondly, it hurts the plumbing industry’s already shaky public image. Most people are nervous to start, having a stranger in their home. We take specific care to ensure your comfort with our staff. Having a bad experience with a contractor is never something that anyone wants to go through. A large portion of the bad experiences that are had by homeowners are a direct result of poor communication skills and a lack of the required experience.

Directly speaking, the correct amount of industry experience, and knowledge, is important to the home owner because of the cost. While it is true that there is a cost associated with hiring a professional plumber with the needed experience, there is also a definite cost of hiring the “cheapest plumber”. At AllGood Plumbing we place a high value on the experience levels of our service department. We train to supplement the experience, which allows us to fix a high percentage of the issues we encounter without having to leave for parts or send out a more experienced plumber who is more familiar with the type of repair that is needed. This adds value to the homeowner in multiple ways. First there is the peace of mind in knowing that when you hire AllGood Plumbing for your repair that we have the experienced staff to correctly address the issue. Second it inconveniences the homeowner less by having to reschedule or leave to get the correct parts. Third in the off chance that a problem should arise with the repair we have made you can rest assured that we will absolutely return and make it right.

We want to be your plumbing go-to company. An “All-Good” plumbing experience.

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Last Updated: July 08, 2024