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Service Panel & Circuit Breaker Upgrades and Repairs

If you’re building an addition onto your home or just need more outlets to meet your electrical needs, don’t forget that your main electrical panel needs to be upgraded to meet your new electrical demands. This upgrade will ensure that your home will receive the power it needs to function.

Whether you need a main electrical panel upgrade, or your home’s circuit breaker inspected, call Allgood Electric and schedule an appointment. Our trained technicians will analyze your equipment and determine the best course of action for the problem. In addition to main electrical panel installation and circuit breaker repairs and additions, Allgood Electric can also add additional outlets so that you can run more electrical appliances, therefore improving the overall safety of your home.

Are your breakers constantly tripping?

Once your main electrical panel is upgraded, you can add more outlets and circuits to your home, reduce the “electrical load” on breakers that constantly tripped on your previous panel, provide additional power for larger appliances that require it, and accommodate remodeling or addition needs. If you have breakers that are constantly tripping, your home’s circuit breaker may be faulty.

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