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An electric surge leaves your computer, television, gaming console and any charging device at risk for melted wires and components and potential fires. Lightning resulting from thunderstorms is often a cause of electrical surges, with a lightning strike up to one mile away still a threat to your sensitive equipment. Another cause of electric surges is an increase in energy demands during the colder months.

Protect your home and extend the life of your electronics

Many home insurance policies do not cover lightning strikes, and the average home is hit with over 20 energy spikes a day. Installing surge protectors throughout your home will relieve you from worrying about the safety of your electronics. Surge protectors will help you get 30% more life out of your appliances and electronics, and many insurance companies will give homes with surge protectors a discount!

Call Allgood Electric today for a free quote on installing surge protectors in your home, and you’ll never have to worry about unplugging everything during the next big thunderstorm again.

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